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Free Software in Education NEWS – February 2013

Time for edu news again. Here’s what I collected in February:

Community CC licenced FS promo material at the FLOSS Competence Center Network, they started to provide some creative commons licensed promo material to spread the word. Pressing need for FS skills Well, I admit, the source for this news item might be seen as […] Updates for 2013-03-08

RT @grote Matthias @kirschner von der !FSFE hat gute Fragen an die Finanzbehörde, die für #elstergate verantwortlich ist … # Oh parents, please, please watch this #TED talk about TV consumption in early years! !education # Updates for 2013-03-02

RT @vicentedeaguiar Report on European Parliament’s free software use is coming #gnu #floss !cc # RD @mairin middle schoolers and #gimp make a good team 🙂 !education #