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Free Software in Education NEWS – February 2013

Time for edu news again. Here’s what I collected in February:


  • CC licenced FS promo material
    at the FLOSS Competence Center Network, they started to provide some creative commons licensed promo material to spread the word.
  • Interesting article about SchoolTool
    The article about SchoolToolby Tom Hoffman explains a little bit the history and who is behind the procjet. What I found worth mentioning here is the statement:

    “The leading cause of other failures has been turnover among staff in institutions we are trying to collaborate with.”

    This finding seems to me very valuable for any FS advocate and should be kept in mind when trying to deploy a FS solution in an educational institution.


February Events:

Upcomming events

Not much this time, but February is a short month and due to FOSDEM and the corresponding follow-up work, I didn’t find much time to follow the usual news channels.

If you have any infos on news or events that might be of interest to Free Software activists in education, please let me know!