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Bad, Bizarre And Bloody Brilliant!

Rocky Horror Show Rocks!
I got the tickets as a birthday gift from my wonderful husband, and I knew that I am going to have a lot of fun, but the performance actually turned out much more than I expected.

Janet and Brad are a conservative minded newly engaged couple, which due to a car tyre accident got introduced with the lifestyle specifics of the sweetest transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania. All these covered in cabaret style, lace and garters and great music.
I wonder how this openly trans-sexual open-sexual idea has been accepted on its première in 1973. At last in my country, for such daring thoughts the whole artistic collective would been sent to a labour camp to mine rock salt until they would been fully recovered from such deviations, typical for the rotten western societies.

It wasn’t only the performance, which made the things so exciting, oh no. It was the audience. I got myself surrounded by charming groups of RHS fans, undressed suitable for the event. At first, I thought they were the performers themselves.
The cult of going to a RHS performance or movie screening is not only to sit quietly in your chair and enjoy. Actually, the audience should be properly armed and prepared in advance to actively participate, by creating off stage special effects, serving as backing vocals, dance and etc. and in general behave adequately. You really need some basic supplies – rice, water pistol, torch, confetti and other stuff. The list of proper armoury is here, but there are usually more things to be done – for example shouting “asshole” and “slut” at the proper time.

I secretly envied the trans-looking man around, they had so cool laced underwear and their abilities to balance on stilettos were better than mine. Damn! I regreted thousand times I didn’t dare to ask for making some photos with them.

Some pictures from the performance I had the pleasure to attend and ha-ha – I was having so much fun with the crowd, that noone suspected I was a virgin there. Well, not anymore.

The Time Warp

“…It’s just a jump to the left
and than a step to the right
with your hands on the hips…”