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Euro2012 in Free Software – Group D results

Welcome again to another day of the EURO2012 for Free Software! Here are the results of Group D in the final round:

Spain Estonia 4 4 Spain Belgium 4 3 Spain Israel 4 2 Estonia Belgium 3 1 Estonia Israel 4 1 Belgium Israel 3 1

And the table looks like this:

Team Pld W […]

Euro2012 in Free Software – Group A results

Yesterday was the last day in group A of the UEFA soccer championship. So, I am not entirely too late :)As already posted on, here are the results of the matches in Group A:

France Ukraine 4 1 France Italy 5 5 France England 4 2 Ukraine Italy 1 3 Ukraine England 1 2 […]

Euro2012 in Free Software goes on, eventually…

Apologies. I mentioned it in the last posting that I most likely won’t have internet access during the finals and promised to send updates. I didn’t. It turned out that the time before I left was too hectic to post anything earlier than today. The UEFA EURO2012 drew the groups for the knock out phase […]