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Report of FSFE Meeting Rhine/Main in Frankfurt

Here is a quick report from our last meeting in Frankfurt/M. which took place on December 3rd.

End of touring around Frankfurt

As discussed at some previous meetings, we decided to stop our tour around Frankfurt after the second round. It was a nice experiment with many interesting discussions, a lot of new faces and definetely worth it. But we’ll end it anyhow to start something new:

We’ll keep the concept of changing locations every other month, but instead of travelling up to 90km out, we’ll visit other groups in Frankfurt to enlarge our network locally.


We still need to identify the groups to visit. We’ve already been to CCC and Freifunk. There are quite a bunch of other groups at usergroups.rheinmainrocks. Suggested were CaCert and mobile-users. We’ll see and discuss at the next meeting.

We may also present ourselfes at one of the upcoming WebMondays if the theme fits.


As the CCCFfm offered their rooms for occasional talks to us, we may very well accept the offer. I sent a selection of possible subjects. We’ll discuss this further on the mailing list. We may want to check with them as well ;D


Next to talks, there seems also be a high interest in workshops. One about how to setup the Felloship smartcard, but also a Mutterware party.

It’s worth to be present

We were happy to welcome a new face to our group. Interestingly, one way he got aware of FSFE’s work was the booth at Corso Leopold which the Fellowship Group in Munich organized a few times now. Thanks to the folks in Munich! 🙂

There are also some movements that there might be a second Fuxcon, but we will also look for other events in the area that we may use to present FSFE and our group. Again, we’ll discuss the details on the mailing list and/or at the next meeting. Any suggestions?

merchandising/info material

The new There is no cloud…-Stickers sparked quite some interest and I promised to order some for the next meeting. I’ll bring more flyers and stickers to spread out anyway.


We’ll continue our engagement at the cryptoparties and even gained a new cryptoangel that night! Unfortunately, there is still no date for the next cryptoparty in Frankfurt yet. I’ll follow-up on that.

possible activities in educational institutions

We discussed what students may do at their universities. One idea I got from our new edu-team member Norman who managed to get FSFE info material into the “Erstie”-bag in Dresden.

issue 451

I talked with Thomas about how to improve my skript collection to promote the meetings. The plan is to have our profile updated automatically so it will always show up on


We talked about a lot of other things I failed to take notes of. The one topic I do remember was the Jolla tablet. We had two participants at the table who already ordered one!

next meeting

We decided to break the rythm of “every second month” and just meet at our default location in January. See details on our wiki page or subscribe to the mailing list!