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Free Software in Education – Clearing the backlog

Some 16 months ago, I intended to sum up the news I got aware of in regards to Free Software in Education on a regular basis. I still think that this is a good idea, but I guess I should shorten the time span between the postings. I figured, it’s quite a lot to catch up with if you wait  too long 😉

Backlog - (cc-by-sa 2.0 click for source)

clearing the backlog (cc-by-sa 2.0 - click for source)

What happened inside the FSFE?

  • April 2009: Thomas Jensch becomes coordinator of the Edu-Team.
  • April 2009: FSFE members of the Austrian team held speaches throughout the “Linuxwochen Österreich Tour” about Free Software in schools and education.
  • June 2009: Edu Free Software activist and FSFE Fellow Richard Rothwell died.
  • September 2009: more than 25 Fellows joined a chat session about Free Software in education
  • May 2010: Fellow Frederick Gladhorn wrote a blog post about the KDE Edu meeting in Switzerland

General news














As the feed-back from my previous post, Hendrik informed me about “Advanced Free Software Tools” in Gotenburg, Sweden.



I checked for updates of all distributions I could find on the Fellowship wiki, so if you know more, please add them there.


Free Software courses are available at the Free Technology Acadamy.


After a few months outside of Europe, I just began to catch up with things, so the preview is rather short:

This can’t be complete, I can only write about things I get aware of. Please help me with your feed-back either in the comments or per email. If you have any news to share that are somewhat related to Free Software in education, you can do so through the mailing list or write a short dent to the OFSET group at