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Free Software in education

Free Software in education became my favourite subject and I started collecting info about that matter in the wiki.

Some news don’t really fit in there, so I intend to post them here in the future. ┬áIf you hear or read anything about Free Software in education, please let me know!

Here is what I collected last month:

Skolelinux announced at CLT that it will be tested on 11 pilot schools. When I read about it, I even found evidence that the FSFE was indeed present with a booth! ­čÖé

An article on (German) stating that GNU/Linux is rarely used in schools caused a little uproar.

Italy: has been launched.

Skolelinux developer meeting in Bergen

Another fellow, Stargrave, blogged about the situation at the Moscow Aviation Institute where he studies.

New version of Open Administration for Schools 3.75 is now available.

A new version of the XO-LiveCD (iso-image, documentation, sugar on usb-stick) was released.

If I missed something that should have been mentioned, please leave a comment!