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Looking for an XMPP webclient

I’ve been looking for a web based XMPP client and found about 20 in the list on I skimmed through them and as a Free Software license is mandatory for me, I was left with 7 clients. I haven’t had the time to try any of them on my own machine yet, but here is what I found so far:

  • Salut à Toi looks very cool. The feature list is quite impressive. Just look at the “Pipe over XMPP” feature! The web interface (what I am actually looking for) is called Libervia, but according to their wiki, installation is “currently a bit tricky. So, as I am no expert, I will try other options first.
  • Converse.js can be tested on the spot with any jabber account. I tried it with an old unused account and it worked perfectly. Installation of the
    minimal stuff
    seems fairly easy and will probably suffice for my needs.
  • Jappix has a mini “applet” that looks similar to Converse.js.
  • Jwchat seems to open numerous little browser windows according to the screen shots. Since I don’t like that, it will not be my first choice.
  • Claros uses a modified Mozilla license. I don’t like the use of exotic licenses, so I put this aside, too.
  • xmppwebchat development seems to have stalled.
  • And so has Ignite (latest build: 2008).

I will try my luck with converse.js first. Second choice will be Jappix and then Salut à Toi. If you have any experience with XMPP web clients or have further recommendations, please let me know!

Update: Candy was suggested to me today. Couldn’t test it, but looks promising. 2014-08-06

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6 comments to Looking for an XMPP webclient

  • Gianfranco

    Hi, I happily use Jitsi. It uses LGPL but this might not be ok for you.

    Have a nice day!

  • Thanks Gianfranco for the tip! I was aware of Jitsi, but thought that this is a client software that needs to be installed on the client’s machine. Am I missing something?

    I was looking for a webclient working entirely in a browser and could be used from any random machine. The Software should run on my own server of course. Does Jitsi provide that feature?

    It is listed on, but not under platform “Browser”.

    Thanks again!

  • Gianfranco

    Oh sorry! For some reason I completely ignored the “web” part and considered only “client”.
    Can’t help in this, I’m sorry.
    Good luck! :)

  • Please keep us update!!!

  • Hi,

    I’m one of the main developers of « Salut à Toi » (SàT), I just found this page, thanks for your nice comments :)

    Just to give some precisions:

    - you can try the Libervia interface on the online demo (

    - the installation is indeed tricky at the moment, but SàT is now in Debian and Libervia should follow in the next release, so thing are going better

    - it’s not yet ready for production, in particular we have not yet implemented encryption (Libervia is not even yet using https), that’s planned for 0.5 release (we will release 0.4 this week).

    - we hope to have a stable release ready for production before next summer. We are now 2 developers working full time on this project, and we are open to any feedback or suggestion :)

    - you can also give a shot to MOVIM (, an other interesting project which is not mentionned here

  • Hello Goffi,

    Thank you for your hints! :) Great that SàT is now in Debian!

    Luckily, another Fellow allowed me to create an account on his Server and I am using the Jappix plugin for now. So, the urgency is gone and I can wait in pleasant anticipation until next summer to test SàT on my own machine :)