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Free Software in Education – news collection February

Here’s what we collected in February. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or even better: drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities

We are making quite some progress in the NLEdu campaign: Kevin reports that the commercial director of SchoolMaster, the largest Dutch ELO/student administration software supplier,  confirmed that they will roll out a platform-independent HTML5 version in April. This would make the NLEdu campaign a success as it will allow Free Software users to access the course materials with any standard compliant browser.

In a response to an interview Kevin gave to an education-related news site, an employee of Three Ships, the second-largest ELO / student administration software supplier also promised to roll out an update “mid-2014” that would “further improve interoperability”, although they weren’t very clear about the meaning of this claim. While I was writing this report, Kevin publihsed further info about this matter.



Edu Software

  • Loris pointed us to, a website for students learning accounting and bookkeeping. It’s based on DELT, that is free software (GPL Affero) and can be installed separetely, if one prefers to have his/her own setup.
  • On the KDE-Edu list, Filipe reported that  GCompris is migrating from GTK to Qt (QtQuick). The main reason is to create a tablet version of GCompris.

Distro News


More SUGAR news at


Other News

 Future Events

Thanks to all contributors!