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Euro 2012 in Free Software – qualification results Sep 2, 2011

Another day in our EURO 2012 in Free Software and open standards. I won’t comment on the matches today, there will be more tomorrow. I missed one match in August, but I couldn’t get to it. It ended 0:0 anyway, so you didn’t miss much.

Here are the results:

group T I T II S I S II
10.08.11 C Northern Ireland Faroe Islands 0 0
02.09.11 A Azerbaijan Belgium 0 4

A Turkey Kazakhstan 3 0

A Germany Austria 3 4

B Russia FYROM 3 1

B Andorra Armenia 1 0

B Republic of Ireland Slovaika 1 1

C Northern Ireland Serbia 0 0

C Slovenia Estonia 3 4

C Faroe Island Italy 0 4

D Belarus Bosnia Herzegovina 0 1

D Luxembourg Romania 1 2

D Albania France 0 4

E Finland Moldova 3 0

E Hungary Sweden 3 4

E Netherlands San Marino 4 0

F Israel Greece 2 1

F Georgia Latvia 0 2

F Malta Croatia 2 1

G Bulgaria England 1 1

G Wales Montenegro 2 1

H Norway Iceland 3 2

H Cyprus Portugal 1 4
I Lithuania Liechtenstein 0 0

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment, drop me a note or edit the Fellowship wiki page about FS in public administration or write a dent to the euro4fs group at