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EURO 2012 – qualification day #2 results

Fans (cc-by click for source)

Fans (cc-by 2.0 click for source)

Today, the second day of the qualification of the UEFA EURO 2012 in regards to Free Software usage and Open Standards took place. Here are the preliminary results. They stay preliminary until September 7th.

I found these matches particulary intersting:

Belgium vs. Germany

I think, both are strong countries. Both have a ministry using Free Software, both have some municipalities using Free Software, but I gave Belgium preference, because I have the feeling that they understood the idea better.


Estonia vs. Italy

This could also be a draw, but I gave Italy one point more, because we have so many entries about their use of Free Software in education. I don’t want to put much weight in individuals, but it can’t hurt to remind of the remarks of one Estonian politician with quite some influence as the Vice President of the European Commission less than a year ago.

all other matches were more or less clear, considering the data at hand. I hope we can collect more data in the next months to make the second round more interesting.

All results and the current tables are available in the Fellowship wiki.

Group Country I Country II Score I Score II
A Belgium Germany 4 3
A Kazakhstan Turkey 0 1
B Andorra Russia 0 2
B Armenia Republic of Ireland 0 0
B Slovakia Macedonia 1 3
C Estonia Italy 3 4
C Slovenia Nothern Ireland 0 0
C Faroe Islands Serbia 0 1
D France Belarus 3 0
D Luxembourg Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 1
D Romania Albania 2 1
E Moldova Finland 0 3
E San Marino Netherlands 0 5
E Sweden Hungary 1 2
F Greece Georgia 1 0
F Latvia Croatia 1 3
G England Bulgaria 3 1
G Montenegro Wales 0 1
H Iceland Norway 2 1
H Portugal Cyprus 3 1
I Liechtenstein Spain 1 3
I Lithuania Scotland 0 1

The next qualification day is already next Tuesday, Sep 7th 2010.