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Kubuntu Council Elections 2012 – We Need You!

As already announced by Harald on Kubuntu.org, we need new members for the Kubuntu Council.

Don’t forget the deadline next weekend! Hurry up, get your wiki profile updated and submit your candidacy to the Kubuntu-devel mailing list.

I decided to run, …

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Want to test the phonon-vlc backend? Here you go :)

As some of you might have read in Mark Kretschmann’s blog, we now have a fairly good phonon-vlc backend that already works better in many ways than other available backends. It is still in alpha stage, but we would …

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Kubuntu 9.10 is out!

Long awaited, finally here: the brand new Kubuntu 9.10 aka Karmic Koala is out and ready for download. It comes with KDE 4.3.2 and, of course, a brand new Amarok 2.2 :) Check out the release notes and …

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Travelling to Buğday?

The KDE bugsquad will organize a bugday for Phonon on November 8th. To make sure not to forget that day, I duly entered it into my Google calendar. But I must say that the mail I got today from …

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Amarok,KDE and Kubuntu at OpenExpo in Winterthur, Switzerland

Another edition of Openexpo in Winterthur is over and I owe you a (not so) short report:

Eckhart, Andi and Adriaan held a booth for KDE, Mark and Sven were manning the Amarok one and I tried to be at …

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Preparing for another conference: OpenExpo in Winterthur next week!

It’s this time of the year again where I prepare for attending OpenExpo in Winterthur. This important Free Software even is held on September 23 & 24 in Winterthur, Switzerland.
This year I helped organizing more than one booth: Amarok, …

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Mom-compatible KDE 4

Since Mark of Amarok fame is living here, people in the house are in awe about the man sitting in front of his desk all day long, “programming computers”. Of course, we have been asked a few times to …

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Sometimes Im really fed up with..

..those “Neinsagers” who permanently complain about KDE4. That’s what I wrote today on the Kubuntu mailing list, after a recurrent complaint about KDE4:

Don’t compare apples with pears, please!
KDE4 is still in heavy development, and it never has been …

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