How to submit patches for Amarok

If you followed the Amarok development in the last 18 months, you have seen us move from SVN to Gitorious, and finally to KDE’s own git implementation, For patch submitters  and other external contributors there was always a bit of a confusion on what is the best way to submit code to Amarok. Unfortunately there have always been several ways, with the risk of loosing track of the patches, which is a sad side effect when there is too much choice.

Since we moved to, we now also have a reviewboard! It is available here: and this is the perfect place to submit code for our project. String or feature freeze and code “not just ready” is no excuse to not use the review board

So to all contributors: register at and show us your code 🙂

Important: Please, subscribe to and first talk about your ideas there. Good ideas are often shared by more than one person and that can avoid two people working on the same implementation without knowing about each other. It is really mandatory for all contributors to talk to the team about their ideas before even starting to code to avoid such problems. And of course, don’t forget to read our HACKING guide!

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