Amarok 2.7 and Google Code-In

It was a very busy End of Year again:

Amarok 2.7 is out! While the code-name “A Minor Tune” would suggest it to be an average release, it is in fact one of the most polished we ever did. 473 bugs closed, 17 feature requests granted and not less than 100 commits that fixed bugs directly. Rock On!

We also ship a fully updated handbook for this version, with new screenshots. For that we had some help from the Google Code-In students who helped updating the handbook. Amarok also moved it’s wikis to the KDE infrastructure with the help of several students, you can now find the Amarok wiki at

Google Code-In also saw several students doing some quality work for Amarok, testing the 2.7 beta release as well as with the current git source, and updating the testing instructions on the wiki while doing so. A new Team page also has seen the light thanks to Code-In work:

Over all: great work from the Amarok Team and the Google Code-In students, thank you!

PS: the color theme is ‘Evening Lilac’


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