First days of Randa 2012

As every year we gathered in Randa to work on our favorite Free Software projects. Organized by FSFE-Fellow #1 Mario Fux this years edition sees people form KDE Edu, Accessibility, Plasma and Multimedia concentrate on making our software better by the day.

Amarok developers joining remotely

After organizing our schedule on Saturday we spent some hacking through the day and gathered Sunday morning to discuss the requirements for Amarok3, especially since our target platforms are evolving rapidly:

A first shot at the requirements

In the afternoon the core developers held a 3.5 hour meeting to discuss architecture, an ongoing effort this Monday morning.

In the mean time Valorie and I are trying to keep up with organizing the next Roktober fundraiser and organizing the handbook update for Amarok 2.6. So stay tuned for more to come.

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