More Randa 2012 goodness

Traditional Valaisan Food

After an extremely yummy Sunday evening supper the Amarok core developers continued with more Architecture talks all through Monday, the result of which you can see in our community wiki pages.

Valorie and I are also currently updating the Amarok Manual to reflect the changes done for Amarok 2.6. You can see the progress by checking the category tabs or by simply checking the Amarok 2.6 category page directly.

We also have a new landing page on I am working on getting the currently relevant information over from our old wiki instance, thankfully the KDE sysadmins did a tremendous work on providing the latest Mediawiki installation to make our work much easier. That move is necessary as there is a lot of outdated information in the old wiki and it was getting harder by the day to find important information. With the very good spam protection installed by the KDE sysadmins we will also be on the much safer side now 🙂

With all the awesomeness we have in mind for Amarok’s future we also plan to get better testing of the git branch. It is already quite easy for an advanced user to install Amarok from git, and we start having a rather thorough list of what should be tested. While beta testing is important, it would be even better if we could test changes as they happen. For that the Git user should be subscribed to our development mailing list and ideally also follow the commits as they happen, something that can be done very easily as well by going to and tick the option to “Follow this project” on the left side of that page. Thanks again, KDE sysadmins for making this so easy!

If you are already a git user and would like to help us testing, please get in touch with me in #amarok on once I am back home this Friday so we can organize this more in detail.

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