On knitting, Google-CodeIn and a nice surprise delivered to my doorstep

Lately I didn’t find much time to blog, as I was busy with my usual errands, namely bug triaging and testing, but, as usual with the evenings getting longer, I was also hit by the knitting virus and already made a pullover and a big scarf ūüôā

The discovery of the Sconcho¬†knitting pattern editor also contributed greatly to fuel this knitting fever – add to that the online knit and crochet¬†community¬†Ravelry¬†which allows me to keep track of my stash and ongoing work and patterns I like –¬†all that contributed on keeping me away from blogging.

But behold, the nearing end of the year is also the time when Google Code-In knocks at my door and since last week I am very busy with mentoring 13-17 year olds in getting acquainted with Free Software in general and KDE in particular. It started at high speed as in only one week I had several students complete 8 tasks for Amarok alone!

And today started with a package delivered to my doorstep with a very nice present: my Kubuntu Team polo-shirt, kindly sent by Jonathan Riddell:

Thank you, Jonathan and the whole Kubuntu Team, it goes without saying that I use GCI to also introduce the students to our¬†preferred¬†KDE software distribution ūüôā

Next tasks for me: make more tasks for the GCI students and prepare for the Amarok 2.7 beta release, more news soon!

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