BKO: when did YOU last test your own bug reports?

After Martin Gräßlin’s excellent blog series for developers there is little I can add but agree on all points. I am currently adding versions to the existing open Plasma bug reports and that made me think of something:

When did YOU last test your own bug reports?

We have all submitted bug reports at some point, be this as a user, a beta tester or a developer. But when did we last follow-up on our own reports?

BKO makes it easy to follow up on my own reports as there is by default at least one saved search visible in the footer when I am logged in: “My Bugs”. Just a click on the link will show me a list of all bugs I ever reported that are still open.

As a user I try to do this on a regular basis, depending on the products I submitted the reports to, but at least on every version change. Since I am the one who reported it who else than me is the best person to actually test if the bug is still valid?

As a beta tester I of course test again when final is released.

As a developer I would probably test when I find time to, but at least on every major version change. So since 4.9 is around the corner this is a good occasion to put this on your ToDo list for the beta testing period 🙂

Oh, and I almost forgot:

Technorati: that one is for you: DJRCBBT3H7RC 🙂

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