Preparing for another conference: OpenExpo in Winterthur next week!

It’s this time of the year again where I prepare for attending OpenExpo in Winterthur. This important Free Software even is held on September 23 & 24 in Winterthur, Switzerland.
This year I helped organizing more than one booth: Amarok, KDE and the Ubuntu/Kubuntu booth of the Swiss Team. While Mark and Sven will handle the Amarok booth, showing the upcoming version 2.2 of your preferred music player, I will share my time at both the KDE and the Ubuntu/Kubuntu one, presenting the latest KDE 4.3.1, using Kubuntu 9.04 (unless I find some time to install a preview of the upcoming Karmic Koala before). Not alone, of course, as I will have a lot of helping hands from Andi, Adriaan, Eckhart and Pascal for KDE, and Daniel, Dirk, Erwin and Roman at the Swiss Team booth 🙂

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