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We Love Free Software!

It’s this time of the year again, where we express our love for what and whom we like:

This year I want to express my personal thanks to

the kmail developers for the awesome work during the last year,
the KDE sysadmins for …

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The smallest unit of freedom: a fellow

When the FSFE launched their fellowship back in 2005, I joined to be a fellow almost immediately. I have always been a strong supporter of Free Software and the FSFE is doing a great job in Europe with far …

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Free alternatives to proprietary PDF readers now easy to find

I suppose we all have come across that “red button” on websites asking you to download Acrobat Reader to read a PDF document. Even free for download, it still is a proprietary solution and in no way a Free …

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Fête du Libre – Geneva

Sitting in an internet café in Geneva where the GULL – Groupe Utilisateurs Linux Léman – organises the Freedom Day: la Fête du Libre! I’m going to speak about the FSFE, the Fellowship programm and how to help and …

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FOSDEM 2006 – first day

FOSDEM’s first day is slowly ending and here is a first attempt of a report. Let’s hope my wifi-connection stands to the end.The booth is very large this year, we sell T-shirts on both sides and installed the info …

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Wilhelm Tux in Karlsruhe

As in previous years I joined the FSF Europe fellows and volunteers in Karlsruhe, this time in company of Florian and Didier from Linuxbourg and Mario from Wilhelm Tux/Edux. A carload of geeks, loads of chocolate and, as a …

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Freedom Party in Berne

Last Saturday we had the first Freedom Party in Switzerland. An average 25 people attended the event, some of them coming from as far as Winterthur or Lausanne. Alex Schroeder and I had short speeches. Unfortunately my cardreader …

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Another week of difficulties

I’m still struggling with my medical condition: almost every appointment I had this week had to be postponed because of it. Luckily I managed to arrange my office around my bed and have the phone in reach. The seed …

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Wilhelm Tux in February

The last weeks were terrific: 18.-19.2. Wilhelm Tux @ LOTS! in Berne (CH) 20.-22.2. with comunica-ch at WSIS PrepCom2 in Geneva (CH) 25.-28.2. Wilhelm Tux travelled by car to attend FOSDEM in Brussels (B) these were heavy weeks besides …

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