FOSDEM 2006 – first day

FOSDEM’s first day is slowly ending and here is a first attempt of a report. Let’s hope my wifi-connection stands to the end.

The booth is very large this year, we sell T-shirts on both sides and installed the info booth in the middle. As usual, web connection is very unpredictable, but luckily this morning we were able to access and read our mail during more than an hour. I try to sell on the "women"’s side, e.g. T-shirts in female sizes and often explain the Fellowship of FSFE. As usual at FOSDEM, I’m speeking mostly french, but alread came accross people from Italy, Spain and also Switzerland. Dutch would be very usefull but unfortuantely I dont speak it (yet). There are the usual runs at the booth showing the end of tracks, where our selling and explainig capacities are well used.

Today I gave an interview to a belgian TV team: they promised to get in touch before the broadcast. So get your satelite dishes ready, I’ll post the date here.


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