Fête du Libre – Geneva

Sitting in an internet café in Geneva where the GULL – Groupe Utilisateurs Linux Léman – organises the Freedom Day: la Fête du Libre!
I’m going to speak about the FSFE, the Fellowship programm and how to help and support our work. Nice happening, althought weather is beautiful outside, but lets hope I can attract the attention despite the weather 🙂

Update: nice public! Some of them are seniors who attend the Internet Café for courses and they all had interesting questions and remarks, like: “How come a pharmacist is so passionate about Free Software?” and “Great to see that we also have young people who are interested in social issues”. I like the later, as I’m used to face people who usually are surprised that “people of my age” are still interested in “young” issues!

I clearly fill the gap 🙂

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