Another week of difficulties

I’m still struggling with my medical condition: almost every appointment I had this week had to be postponed because of it. Luckily I managed to arrange my office around my bed and have the phone in reach. The seed for a Freedom Party in Switzerland is laid and went out to the mailing lists. What is important now is to find the following: location: for ca. 100 people, internet access, wheelchair access, for free or at least cheap catering (drinks and snacks) music (already contacted DJ Submerge, waiting for his answer) sponsoring for location, music, advertising (printing) and catering (Alex already has an idea about it, to be followed) someone to demonstrate the crypto-card hardware: I’ll bring my laptop, crypto-card and card reader. Have to check if I’ll manage to use the card with the 2.6. kernel, else have to check with Werner. Advertising: adapt the existing flyer, distribute it Invite the various Swiss LUG’s personally.

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