Last week in Amarok

The last days working towards a release

We plan to release Amarok 2.4 at the end of this week and our developers have concentrated their efforts on fixing release blockers and eventual regressions. A lot of users helped us with testing and pushing our favorite audio player through some heavy stress.
Since Amarok has quite a few features it is almost impossible for the developers alone to test everything and testing is a really easy way to help us making Amarok better. So let’s say a big Thank You to the many individuals who gave us some of their precious time.

Google Code-In ended

By Valorie Zimmermann: All good things end, so does this first edition of Google Code-In. For Amarok this was a big success and gave a lot of students aged 13 to 18 an opportunity to get their hands into Free Software development, Quality Assurance, Documentation writing and Translation to only name a few.
In the last 3 weeks, the following students successfully completed their tasks in Amarok:

  • Pedro Oliveira Raimundo
  • MTGap
  • Ivan Nakov
  • Daniel Marth
  • Paul Ivan
  • Eli Manning
  • Samuel Brack
  • Salma Sultana
  • Kristian Ivanov
  • coldblud
  • Goffrie
  • Caleb
  • Sasu Karttunen
  • It was such a pleasure to work with each of these intelligent, hard-working kids. Their emphasis on quality makes me very optimistic about the future of Amarok, KDE, and the free and open software world of the future.

    Bugs and wishes

    As mentioned above, the emphasis was on fixing release blockers and possible regressions. Our developers were really quite busy working on those fixes and invested some holiday time into it to make Amarok 2.4 really good 🙂
    We again got precious help by a Google Code-In participant, Timothy Lanzi, who tested and triaged iPod related bugs. Despite him being only 13 he delivered a truly excellent task and deserves a special Thank You for his dedication!

    A total of 126 were closed, here are the details:

  • Fixed: 48 reports, of which 11 were crashes, 5 critical or major bugs and 2 implemented wishes.
  • Invalid: 18 reports were not useful for us.
  • Duplicates: 50 reports were marked as such.
  • Upstream: 7 reports concerned a dependency.
  • Downstream: 2 reports were distribution related.
  • Wontfix: 1 report was closed.
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