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Multimedia meeting day 1: great team

So the second time at the KDE multimedia meeting ends. I’m tired but happy. I’ve a great team (Oliver Summermatter for the network and several other jobs and Hadrien Eggs, the cook, the one and only)!. Thx you two and thx to all the other participants who all are helpful where help is needed.

My day was good. It did not start at the meeting but with a job interview for a social worker job. Went fine. Then an interview with the local newspaper (Walliser Bote) about the meeting. Should be published tomorrow. Hope to get some people interested for Monday, the open day at the meeting.

I’d like to spend more time with the developers and in the presentations but I’m quite busy to inform the new arrivers, organize the trip and taxi, do some finance stuff the I don’t lose the overview, check with the cook that we’ve enough food for the day and next day, do some promotion, etc. pp. But the people here are really busy. Just check the community wikis recent changes and you see what’s going one.

Now slowly I’m able to compare who the different teams in KDE work and I see my expectation confirmed that they are really busy. So cu and read you tomorrow for more news about the meeting and don’t forget to read more news about the meeting on

Oh yeah. Tomorrow afternoon we go to Zermatt and walk in a 2 to 3 hours hike back to Randa where we pass the lake where Aaron Seigo and Sebas like to swim ;-)…