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Multimedia meeting day 0: organizers perspective

It was manifold day. Started in the morning trying to get the internet connection to work. Several phone calls and people but my hero of the day is Hans-Peter Seiler”. 70 years old guy, telephone specialist, helped us with joy and whistling and tried this and explained us that. He worked have a day, called support hotlines, ask questions and did another attempt and finally he succeeded. Hans-Peter, you’re mine and hopefully our here. You rescued our meeting.

Nonetheless, we had something like 4 or 5 fire alarms because the alarm devices interfered with our internet connection somehow and I had to call fire departement to not to come and then, in the afternoon, there was a big fire alarm. With a lot of smoke in the question. Damn not really working fume hood and who had to idea to build a smoke detector into the kitchen.

But we have now something like 25 people here and more will come tomorrow. I’m tired again, my feet hurt but I’m happy and like adrenalin. CU.