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Debian: Call for help from KDE Team

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

I’d like to quote Maximiliano Curia’s email here:

Hi all!

For quite a while now the KDE team has been severely understaffed. We maintain
a lot of packages, with many different kinds of bugs, but we don’t have enough
people to do all the work that needs to be done. We have tools that help us
automate the update to new upstream releases, but that’s just the tip of the
iceberg of our work and so we are writing to invite more people to get
involved in the team and help us get KDE software in Debian into better shape.

Some of the tasks that we need help with are:

+ Bug triaging: there are many many bugs in the BTS. We need people that go
through them, understand the problem and how to reproduce it, confirm
that they are still present in the latest versions. In particular, there
are bugs affecting the version in wheezy, and we need people to go through
those as well.

+ Bug forwarding: we are so understaffed that we have been asking users to
forward the bugs upstream themselves. Some users do this, but some don’t.
It would help us a lot to have people in the team in charge of this.

+ Patch forwarding: we have quite a bunch of patches applied in the Debian
packages that should be applied upstream. Some need to be generalized
instead of being Debian-specific. This work would save us time in the
future, so it’s very important to get it done.

+ Upgrade-testing: in the past, the upgrade from one Debian stable to the
other has been quite traumatic for KDE software users. We need people to
try upgrading from wheezy to jessie and report any bugs that they might
encounter so that we can fix them ahead of the release.

+ Creating patches: many of the bugs that we have require writing patches,
some are easy and some are harder, but any help here would be really

+ Packaging other KDE apps: we have packages for the core components of KDE
software, but there are many other useful components that still need to
get packaged.

+ Updating our welcoming wiki page [1], adding these tasks and any future
tasks, and unifying the todo lists [2].

If you are interested in helping with any of these, please join our irc
channel #debian-qt-kde in, or our mailing list [3]. We are happy
to help you get started.