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Next attempt, attica 0.1.91

Due to a small change in the createtarball script from kdesdk I messed up the tarball for attica 0.1.90, so without further ado, here’s the next attempt.

Please test.

I hope this will be the final version 0.2.0. But then again I already said so the last time 🙂

Attica release candidate 0.2.0

Following the established “it’s not released until it’s been blogged about” paradigm, I’d like to announce a release candidate for Attica 0.2.0. I like the KDE versioning scheme, so this gets a nice 0.1.90, you see it’s not intended as final and stable, though I hope it is.

This release makes me happy, since we […]

Parley – Vocabulary Learning made Fluffy

Daniel already wrote about the KDE Education Sprint in Randa and some of the news in Parley land. Harald and I recorded a screen-cast with a Fluffy Parley that should have never seen the light of day. That pink monstrosity surly seems to have taken a special spot in our hearts 😉 And yes, we […]

attica 0.1.3

Just a quick note for packagers and people building kdelibs: I released libattica 0.1.3 yesterday. Now kdelibs trunk (4.5) doesn’t depend on an unrelease attica version from kdesupport trunk any more. Get it while it’s hot:

No big changes, but a few bug fixes and one or two new calls. And a lesson learned. […]

Hot new Klassroom – Get started with KDE development

Since KDE Software Compilation 4.4 we have an updated, improved and easier to use Hot New Stuff framework. So far only a few test candidates were ported to it, namely the wallpaper dialog, Parley, Plasma comic strips and Amarok when compiled with 4.4. Now it’s time to change this. In cooperation with our forums staff, […]

libattica 0.1.2

I just tarballed libattica 0.1.2 which consists of a few bug fixes. I hope distributions will pick it up before KDE 4.4 but it’s not required and doesn’t save the world either 😉 On the plus side we have some small fixes though:

a memleak (in case a request was aborted the QNetworkReply would not […]

New Stuff again

Hi there, now that the KDE Software Compilation 4.4 is branched, it’s time to think about the next iteration. Next to bug fixing that is.

I’ll keep fixing things I broke with the hot new stuff framework re-write that makes it’s first public appearance in 4.4. Since this was the first release including KNewStuff3, not […]

Dead Stars

Fitting my earlier post about rating and stars in Get Hot New Stars Stuff , I just listened to “Dead Stars” by Covenant…

So this is all about stars. At first I wanted to answer the comments individually, but there are just too many.

A few points keep coming up:

The number of items in […]


Finally LibAttica has landed in kdesupport (that’s where additional libraries are kept, that are not by definition part of kdelibs). TÊo promised to bring his price winning Amarok about dialog into KDE-Land for KDE 4.5 🙂

I am just about to finish the first big big re-factoring of our Get Hot New Stuff framework. Since […]

Hotter new stuff on its way

Monday mornings, you guessed it, are not a good thing. Especially when it’s all rainy and you get run over by a car. Luckily nothing really happened to me, only a few scratches and a new experience (I’ve never had this Hollywood style “rolling over the hood of the car” thingy happen to me before). […]