Hot new Klassroom – Get started with KDE development

Since KDE Software Compilation 4.4 we have an updated, improved and easier to use Hot New Stuff framework.
So far only a few test candidates were ported to it, namely the wallpaper dialog, Parley, Plasma comic strips and Amarok when compiled with 4.4.
Now it’s time to change this.
In cooperation with our forums staff, I will start a small course to let someone else do the work for me ;)
Should you participate? This is a great chance to learn about some of KDE’s infrastructure and how to get the source, build it and write some small patches.
You should know some C++ already, since that’s too much to learn in the one or two weeks of the course. Other than that you should have a distro that provides kdelibs 4.4.0 development packages (if there is a kdelibs 4.4 available to you, chances are you’re good to go).
Oh, and you should be interested in hacking on KDE software obviously :)
For more details head over to the forums!

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  • Aaron Seigo

    i also moved the Add Widgets dialog in Plasma over to it in time for 4.4.0 since it actually fixed a couple of issues we were having with the old one :)