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FOSS Nigeria – Day Three

Back to Saturday – day 2.5 in fact. Mustapha and I had the chance to present about KDE’s community, the project in general and ended with some demonstration of the Plasma Desktop and KDE applications. Next to some of the "basics", such as Dolphin, Konqueror and Gwenview I presented and application that I just learned […]

FOSS Nigeria – Day Two

Day two of FOSS Nigeria started in a nice way. After a whole night of sleep, we went for plantanes as breakfast.

The next stop was at the Bayero University, where many of the participants had a chance to take LPI exams. We sat down for some work and then walked over the campus […]

FOSS Nigeria – First Day

Yesterday I ran into Adriaan in Amsterdam, not only by coincidence. We had a nice flight to Kano, Nigeria.

We met the Commissioner for Science and Technology at the airport and were warmly welcomed. After a drive through the night we went straight to the hotel. Motorcycles in the dimly lit streets of Kano were […]

FOSS Nigeria, goes into the second round, after coming to life last year. This year Adriaan and I get the chance to visit Nigeria and promote free software and KDE (we’ll throw in other desktops for good measure of course). It seems there is a good chance we’ll actually be able to fly, so tomorrow […]

KDE and Church Day 2010

This year KDE will – together with the FSFE – participate in the ecumenical church day. We have a shared booth, now we need you.

The event takes place in Munich, a great city to visit. The event is May 13th to 16th. We are still looking for people to help with the booth. So […]


Funny, after blogging I got some more feedback, Aaron put in a small fix and Stephen suggested another Akonadi related improvement so that I could remove another 20 lines of code that were not overly nice. So here is the update and I get to post first screenshots (yeah, that’s what we all have been […]

Akonadi Plasma Calendar

I think KDE SC 4.x is becoming better and better. It has reached the point where I don’t even want to think about going back. Still there are missing bits and pieces every once in a while. At our last Fellowship of the Ring FSFE meetup here in Stuttgart, we had a nice talk… and […]

ownNews – clouding desktops near you

Isn’t it lovely when all the puzzle pieces are there and you just need to put the last few of them in the right place?

Frank and the ownCloud crew have been happily plowing away on making ownClould your personal data storage and much more. One vision the project has is a great integration with […]

attica 0.1.3

Just a quick note for packagers and people building kdelibs: I released libattica 0.1.3 yesterday. Now kdelibs trunk (4.5) doesn’t depend on an unrelease attica version from kdesupport trunk any more. Get it while it’s hot:

No big changes, but a few bug fixes and one or two new calls. And a lesson learned. […]