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ownNews – clouding desktops near you

Isn’t it lovely when all the puzzle pieces are there and you just need to put the last few of them in the right place?

Frank and the ownCloud crew have been happily plowing away on making ownClould your personal data storage and much more.
One vision the project has is a great integration with desktops. KDE being the obvious first target. I sat down this afternoon to implement some missing features in the Social News Plasma Applet, while Frank at the same time updated ownCloud with a cool new feature…

The server side now supplies a news stream according to our Collaboration Service Spec.

“Social News” used to be called “OpenDesktop Activities” in our KDE SC 4.4 release. Now we have a better name and new functionality: It can display news from several sources at once.

To get news from your own ownCloud (assuming you have KDE trunk/4.5 and also the very latest ownCloud trunk):

  • start SystemSettings, go to “Social Desktop” (in the advanced tab)
  • add your ownCloud url with the “Add Provider” button
  • enter your ownCloud username/password
  • add the Social News Plasma Applet to your Desktop

Social Desktop Control Center Modul

I think this is really a fun new feature. Now you will get notified what happens on your personal cloud right on the desktop.
Social News Plasma Applet
Of course the notifications on the screen-shot are only an example and not yet very useful 😉
Yes, part of the news on the screen-shot is from a test server, parts from and part from our ownCloud installation. Since I keep testing the api and clients, my news feeds tend to be a little repetitive at times.