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Attica release candidate 0.2.0

Following the established “it’s not released until it’s been blogged about” paradigm, I’d like to announce a release candidate for Attica 0.2.0. I like the KDE versioning scheme, so this gets a nice 0.1.90, you see it’s not intended as final and stable, though I hope it is.

This release makes me happy, since we had lots of contributions from different sides. In many places it implements the yet to be finalized Open Collaboration Specifications 1.6 already. And this is to a large part because Mateu Batle worked a lot on it. Thanks! We also had Martin Sandsmark improve things for his GSoC project.

Finally we will have support for GPG signing “stuff”, so we can start to make use of the web of trust. This means we can provide better information when to be careful when getting “things of the internet” via KNewStuff. Of course this requires a lot of work still, from extending UIs such as KNewStuff to actually show this information (there is work for plasma packages going on already) to actually having singed contents and knowing which signatures to trust, which needs to be addressed by the community at some point.

KNewStuff3 should also finally work on Windows properly, since I got poked to fix the plugin loading troubles we had. Thanks to our kind KDE-on-Win team (and their horrible threats).

Here are the change-log additions:

– Update voting function (add overload) to take uint 0..100 according to ocs 1.6 spec
– Add comments interface to request comments, add new comments and vote for comments
– Add distribution interface to request distributions available in the server
– Add homepagetype interface to request home page types from the server
– Add methods to access home page entries in content
– Add support of icons to content (OCS 1.6)
– Add support of videos to content (OCS 1.6)
– Add summary description to content (OCS 1.6)
– Add size to download description (OCS 1.6)
– Add fields to download item for package name, package repository, gpg fingerprint, mimetype (OCS 1.6)

And the link you’ve been all waiting for:

kdelibs 4.6 will require this version soon, so be ready if you build from trunk. On the other hand, this version has been in kdesupport for quite a while, so you should be good if you build that as well. There has also been interest from Gluon and MeeGo, which makes it even more interesting to get feedback from all of you now! Packagers and all others are welcome to test and let me know if something is broken.

Unless there is major breakage, this will be released as version 0.2.0 soon.

And of course there is still lots to do, for example Ben of Forum and Sysadmin fame would like to see the forums module implemented, to bridge the gap between forums and mail (yes, evil scheming to make forums more accessible to developers that prefer mail). The task is not incredibly difficult, since there is similar code for other parts of the spec and it just needs to be adjusted. If you’re interested, let me know.

Update: because of the borked tarball there will be a next version. Expect it in a day or two.