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libqaccessibilityclient v0.3.0

Hi, I’ve been asked to make a new release of libqaccessibilityclient, which seemed like a good idea. So here we go: – version 0.3.0 is now available. I’d like to say thanks to the KDE sysadmins for being super fast.

Now if I wasn’t involved with the accessibility project, I’d have no clue what this is about… so What is libqaccessibilityclient?

It’s a small library that can help understand/use the accessibility information available on DBus. It could be used to write assistive applications such as screen readers. Right now my main purpose for it is to understand what’s going on, so I use it as debugging helper. There are now two small helper applications, one has been there before and shows a complete tree of accessibility objects, so the representation of applications as screen readers see them. The second one is new, it just dumps the same tree on the command line. I used this to find out KWin’s state, since doing anything while pressing alt-tab is hard. I could run it on the command line with a sleep and then see what KWin reported while I pressed alt-tab.

By the way, we’ve been organizing our work on a phabricator board here, feel free to comment and help out with some of the tasks, especially when it comes to Plasma keyboard handling.