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Randa 2010 – KDE Edu+MM

Last weekend I had the pleasure to visit a small village, somewhere in cheese/chocolate land (not sure what we agreed on, some call it Swiss).

It was awesome to say the least. The trip involved group hugs, meeting great people, discussing, presenting our work of the last months (it’s been three years since the last […]

attica 0.1.4

I finally got around to tarballing libattica 0.1.4 ( This is what is required for KDE 4.5 and only contains some small additions and cleanup (now the providers advertise which parts of the api they support).

Now I’m off, because:

Going where no gearheads have gone before…

This is my very subjective blog entry about our presence at the Ecumenical Church Day 2010 in Munich. It is my personal take on things. Our presence? That is FSFE and KDE together in one booth, nicely mixing green and blue.

I am back home now and had a night of real sleep. Participating […]


One of the best initiatives at FOSS Nigeria was the founding of the PyKano Python user group.

It is open for anyone (with a focus on people in Nigeria). The intent is for people interested in Python to have regular local meetings but also discuss on-line. If you happen to be interested in programming and […]