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Fluffy – How pink can we get?

Warning: This blog post may contain humor, it talks about unreleased magic, every second sentence ends with of course and it’s pink.

So the awesome sprint we had in Randa is long past. The topic of the sprint was something like "Fluffy is the new black – the future of the Pink Desktop"[1]. It is more pink and more fluffy than anything else.

Check out the first fluffy-tour!

I had not seen Harald since – dunno – some CeBit, about 3 years ago. Anyway, it was horrible to meet him again. We started and pink magic turned the upstairs attic at the xRandar sprint into fluff (much to the entertainment/annoyance of the others). We are both quite profit oriented and like real products that will make us famous, so we started Fluffy… our own Linux distribution, which of course is based on Hannah Montana Linux (not really) which is in turn based on that other thing that is based on Debian, that Harald occasionally works on.

Since we are serious about this project, we started by creating a facebook fan page. Of course. At the time of writing, we have over 80 fans. Join us and we’ll rock fluff the world with… fluff! Requests for blue boys versions will probably be ignored.

So what is this "Fluffy on the Inside" with lots of Hugs and Unicorns all about? [2]

It is the dawn of what we think will be the favorite Linux distribution of the target audience that shall not be named here. Because some Norwegian superstar told us so. The target audience includes teenagers and developers of course. Developers just because we like them, and teenagers because it’s so pink, that it makes your teeth hurt. (Yes, I stole that quote from one of our wallpapers which we stole from kde-look. I really hope that wasn’t stolen somewhere else.)

No great design comes without careful planning. Especially the "Plasma-Ponyhof-Shell" caused us some headaches and we had long discussions about the "Movable Tree Plasma Applet" that has yet to grow up.

(note that it involves clouds, and the clouds are below the houses, what a weird word we live in)

Generally speaking, this will be the future of the desktop of course. Have fun with it. No, it’s not available yet, it’s the future. We’re getting close to releasing an alpha version. We still love the Fluffy Bunny Plasma theme and so we are working on polishing it up for current plasma versions.

Dear artists all, if you have this pink-kink bit of humor and some fluffiness on the inside, why not join us for a bit of fun? We are tolerant of experiments, as long as they fit the color scheme and have the right level of fluffiness. We even allow you to treat this as a secondary project, this is not an exclusive religion. There is also some serious fun to be had with the icons. Oh, and we renamed Dolphin to Flamingo of course!

If you happen to like styling websites, you may call yourself our web-designer, and you’ll be rewarded with the honor of working tirelessly for us under terrible conditions. We are just about to create the first public home for fluffy on the internet, it’s just that we don’t have time (besides all the packaging and other side-projects) to get it finished. Also we get lost sometimes, because the internets is so big. If you know your way around get in touch with us and your inner pink!

This guy supports us too, of course:

[1] I did avoid mentioning the original project name: PUKE Ultimate Edition (Pink Unicorn Koala Desktop). That is mostly because we could never find a single Koala in all we did. So the name just didn’t feel right in the end.

[2] no animals were or will be harmed in the creation of this distribution, all Unicorns joined of their own free will (free-beer may have helped to convince them to give up there free as in freedom free). We are well aware that Unicorns are an endangered species, therefor we think that providing them with additional turf to bounce around on is a great environmentally friendly move. We will fall back to using Unicows, if Unicorns no longer support us.

PS: Fluffy will of course be present at Linux Tag, that is if my fluffy KDE-boothistas let me present it… Sadly the project started too late to register it’s own booth, so now we have to use subtle marketing strategies, exploiting other projects. Let’s see what our friends from the other distros say.