libattica 0.1.2

I just tarballed libattica 0.1.2 which consists of a few bug fixes. I hope distributions will pick it up before KDE 4.4 but it’s not required and doesn’t save the world either ;)
On the plus side we have some small fixes though:

  • a memleak (in case a request was aborted the QNetworkReply would not be deleted… so if you use QNetworkAccessManager or the KDE pendant, remember that deleteLater()!)
  • a Qt 4.7 compatibility fix (thanks Thiago)
  • some more functions in case of Qt-Only use are implemented now, so it might be viable to use the lib without KDE… if not, let me know ;)

Now I don’t know how to change the topic to KDE-Edu, but anyways…
I’m happy that we have two new faces showing up and bug fixing KWordQuiz and Parley. Welcome aletum and Kolia!

The tarball should show up shortly at the usual place:

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