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Serious games, KDE and Co

The half vegatarian half carnivore pizza is in the oven and before the TV show about some Wikileaks background story starts I’ve some minutes to start writing my blog entry about "serious games", a very interesting presentation I visited yesterday, and some other KDE stuff.

As it’s part of my job to sometimes record guest presentations at or of our institute (of education) yesterday I had the possibility to visit a presentation about "serious games". The presenter was a former teacher of mine (now professor) who taught me a lot about education and media. "Serious games" is a concept about computer games with an educational and teaching background. The audience consisted almost exclusively of women (female human beings are the majority in the educational sciences and business in Switzerland). Unfortunately the prejudices about the anti-social character of gamers and a causal relation between players of violent games and violent acts are still alive. This even though there is no study which underpins these ideas and some studies exist that show even the opposite of the former.

The presentation was very interesting and entertaining and I hope to take some ideas for my diploma thesis. At the end the presenter showed some interesting free (probably not as in speech) browser games with a "serious" background. I hope to post some of them in the next days when I’m finished with cutting and uploading of the taken recording. And by the way: our institute provides a nice video portal about school lessons in different languages. Not all are free to watch and the website is still only in German but useful and interesting nonetheless (and finally works on Linux (with Flash ;-( as well).

On another thing today I got my svn-soon-git KDE developer account and a batch of KDE business cards was in B’s and my postbox.

Oh and yesterday I got my english grammar test back. A better mark than I expected. And if there is some intereste I would post the links I collected during this course to leverage my english. So are you interested in english grammar exercises and grammar rules?


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5 Responses to “Serious games, KDE and Co”

  1. T. J. Brumfield Says:

    If KDE has historically shipped clones of other classic games (Pacman, Tetris, Monopoly, Battleship, etc) then why not clone some of the best classic educational games like Oregon Trail, Carmen Sandiego, Lemonade Stand, Number Muncher, etc?

    Their is no doubt a trademark on the name Carmen Sandiego, but you could clone the gameplay. And while the classic game required kids to play with a World Almanac to look up facts, a modern KDE version could use a kpart for web rendering and allow players to search on Wikipedia.

    As a parent, I’d love to see more educational games and software. Right now we have educational software for older students (Cantor, KAlgebra, Kalzium, Kig, Kiten, KmPlot, Rocs, Step) but not much in the way of educational GAMES, and not much for younger kids.

    I’d love to see the KDE Edu project tackle games aimed at a variety of ages. It might also help the adoption of KDE software in schools around the globe.

  2. Thomas (ungethym) Says:

    I’d like to see the links to the English grammar sites. There is always room for improvement :-)

  3. Links 17/12/2010: Mentor Graphics Joins Linux Foundation, Linux 2.6.37 Imminent | Techrights Says:

    [...] Serious games, KDE and Co [...]

  4. Roger Says:

    That depends. Do the English lessons come as games? :)

  5. Jason Says:

    I think you need to update your blog and this service may come in handy. They can write a lot of interesting things for you!

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