Paris – night 1

Sorry for the delay in blogging about UDS, but a week of "doing nothing" was wellcome and necessary 🙂 Unfortunately real life also came back far too early and an unusual work load in pharmacy prevented my blogging so far.

Monday night we (Belinda, Anthon and Scott) were out for dinner in the village where we ate some french food: "Gigot d’agneau" (lamb with mixed salad and fries) was in my plate and, well, quite good. Unfortunately wine was not very good: too young and very acid. We decide to go back to the Radisson for a drink and had the quite unpleasant surprise to learn that one beer was €9 ! Excuse me, this is not the Ritz AFAIK ! After some discussions we decided to buy some drinks in a shop. Loaded the dinner folks plus 2 KDE people (Aaron and Sebastian) into my car and tried to find an open shop… it was already way past 9 o’clock so we headed towards Paris. After a first try in a shop where nothing alcoholic was available we managed to find an open liquor store and my passengers went to buy some beer and wine, but came back without wine (/me not very lucky obviously) but french and dutch beer and even a bottle of some harder stuff, e.g. vodka. The drive was very, very funny, especially having Aaron on board who is not only a brilliant writer but also a witty entertainer 🙂 But then, me (after dinner with wine) behind the wheel and another 5 funny bones in the car could have been reason enough to be stopped by some patrol car. The drive was hilarious as we either had to follow an overloaded truck at 10 km/h for ages or found the motorway entry blocked on the way back from St-Denis, already fearing to get lost in french countryside in the middle of the night.

Back at our hotel we sat together in the lobby chatting and drinking …  still loaded with adrenaline from the day,  sleep was not something we were thinking of very much. I remember going to bed around 4 in the morning !

And of course, "9 sharp" was mandatory, but I managed to get up in time and was at the Radisson at 8:45.

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