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KDE work day 6: KMail2 needs your help

In the last days I was reading that the KDE pim group asked on the release-team mailing list for a 2 weeks delay of the release schedule. One then got more information about the problems on the kdepim mailing list. There it got apparent that the main problem is the current lack of developers for KMail2 (the more or less new KMail based on Akonadi). And it looks as a 2 weeks delay is not really enough for a stable and releasable KMail2.

At this point I don’t want to discuss or guess about the reasons for the developer lack but to ask for interested people to get a try with KMail2 (and the rest of the Akonadi based KDE PIM applications) and to fix some of the bugs. There are already quite many bugs about the PIM software but atm not a lot of people who try to fix them. And I’m certain that the KDE pim gurus are going to help and advise were to search and find in the code realm.

Although I’m two days late this week to write and publish my weekly KDE work report I’ve done some stuff in the last week. Concerning the next year’s KDE sprint and meeting in Randa, Switzerland I’ve done some further thinking and preparing for the organization start. After a final project and test next week I’m going to have more free time to spent on this.

Yesterday at the bimonthly LUGO meeting we had a great presenation about Kdenlive. To my surprise it was in a much better state than I dared to wish. To my humble opinion it provides more than the necessary features for a normal user who wants to cut his or her hobby movies and provide them with some titles here and some nice effects there. A really nice piece of software I hope to try out in the next weeks as well.

During the last week I did not really find time to work on the morphological API for KDE. For the coming days and week I’d like to work on a wiki page (community or techbase) where I’ll collect some information about free linguistic software and what they provide. On another wiki page I’d like to collect information about the configuration files/directories and data files/directories of KDE application which could be useful for some backup framework (see for more information about this idea in my last blog post). And as a last thing I’d like to work on in the next week is a community wiki page about the Randa meetings and to start organizing the next year’s one (most of the communication about this will be done on the KDE mailing list kde-events so subscribe if you’re interested and not yet subscribed).

BTW: The house is already reserved: from the 1st to the 7th of June 2011. So if you work on some KDE multimedia related code or want to integrate Nepomuk functionality in your application mark this dates in your agenda (or Korganizer ;-).