Mario Fux

About Fellow No 1's life

I want to develop (for) KDE and I will!

From now on I want to dedicated at least one work day each week to develop and program. Of course not all the 24 hours but something between 8 and 9 hours.

It’s not the first time I start my kde code contribution but hopefully it will be the last time. This blog should be something like a diary for this experience. There were already some blogs some time ago here on the planet about people’s first experiences with kde development. But this blog won’t be a howto or step by step introduction but a blog with links and what I’ve done on this day and about what I plan for the next week.

And by this way probably my big project "Strafful" will become alive or gets at least a first 1.0 releason in something around half a year or a year from note. I’m taking notes about it, about a manifesto, about milestones, different widgets, different platforms, a lot of stuff but the first public release will be 1.0. But more during the next weeks and months.

Btw this won’t be, as I already told above, my first first experience with Qt and KDE. A year ago I already worked through (and btw I hope my english will get better during the next months as well 😉 Daniel Molketins Qt4-Book (german homepage here). A really nice start. And I’ve done some smaller experiments and little project with Qt and Co. Like a toponym detector for a computational linguistics exercise (together with a collegue and foma: a finite-state machine toolkit and library. And I’ve read several Qt tutorials and tutorials and articles on KDE’s great techbase pages.

So here is something like a teaser for the next blog of my KDE work day. As I’m doing some geo tracking for from time to time a problem appeared to me that my Garmin devices spits out horribly formatted GPX files. And as I worked with Qt dom xml stuff lately I’ll do a short xml formatter next time and a simple wikipedia reader. These are the plans for my first real KDE work day. Let’s see what the outcome will be.