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Good morning dear reader

People who know me know that I always say good morning no matter what time of the day we have ;-). This is my first blog entry and if you don’t know it yet I’m the FSFE fellow with the member number 1.

This blog serves several purposes. First I want to practice my written english. That means if you find errors and mistakes you could call my attention to them or you stay silent ;-). Some parts of this blog will probably be in German as well because this is my mother tongue and some of the readers prefer this.

Mainly the blog entries about my dog will be in both languages. The dog will be a Golden Retriever and she’s no yet here but was born yesterday. One of the next entries will be about my first visit (with photos).

Then I’ll tell you about my involvement in the free software world which will be mostly related to KDE and free software and education as this is the topic (education) I study. One of the next entries will be about Tokamak3, the third KDE Plasma meeting, which I organized in a beautiful little village called Randa in the Swiss alps.

And if there are other topics I’d like to write about you’ll read it here…

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