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KDE work day 8: Randa and Randa

Morning dear reader. It’s some time since I last blogged but my christmas and new years blog holiday is now over. From now on you’ll find here again regular post about my KDE work days. And there is good news: I’ll do another KDE university project in the linguistic area. And although I did not blog for more than a month I did not stop working for KDE (and working for KDE is fun and not really work ;-).

In the last weeks I did some organizational work for the Randa meeting this year. I’m even in some good contacts with sponsors. But here the most important information about the Randa meeting:

  • Where: HausRanda, Randa, Valais, Switzerland, Europe, Earth, Milkyway
  • When: Wednesday, 1st (arrival) to Tuesday, 7th (departure) of June 2011
  • Why: Why not? 😉 But seriously: because it’s fun and we get done a loooot (very productive!)

And here are the participating groups:

If and when you’re part of one of these groups or want to work in this area and want to meet or people face-to-face just wait for the official registration possibility in one of the next weeks.

And thus Randa for the second. This weekend our local Linux user group – the LUGO – is going to have a hack weekend in Randa at the same place as Tokamak 3 of Plasma happened. Beneath a new homepage for the LUGO we’ll work on the registration infrastructure for Randa2011.

And three last things:

  1. Dinesh was the winner of the kookie blog contest ;-). He is going to get a box of cookie from B. and me in Berlin at the Desktop Summit.
  2. B. "volunteered" to be the receptionist in the registration office of this year’s Randa meeting ;-). So expect a nice and friendly face when you’ll enter the building.
  3. In the next days, Joel B. (a talented, young guy of our local LUG) will guest post a short introduction about setting up a KDE Development Environment (KDE, pun intended 😉 with the new git repositories here.

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