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Final results for #pdfreaders’ bug hunt

FSFE’s campaign for the removal of advertising for non free software on public websites is taking a new turn today. After having gathered more than 2000 institutions all across Europe and even outside (we’ve reached Angola, Brasil, the United States, Australia…).You will find underneath more detailed information on what we have gathered.

Now the time has come to contact the institutions and explain them why this practice is wrong. If you want to get involved also in this part of the campaign, we can need you at several levels :

help us to translate the letter to be sent to the institutions and the campaign page

– speak around you about the campaign and get people to sign our petition, to show the public institutions how many people all around Europe feel concerned with this issue

– if you are ready to put more energy into the campaign, take a look at the guideline for contributors

Enough words said, let’s have a look at the numbers:

Country Number of institutions reported
Austria 50
Belgium 46
Belarus 3
Switzerland 409
Czech Republic 12
Germany 571
Denmark 1
Estonia 1
Spain 60
European Union 4
Finland 5
France 126
Greece 15
Croatia 10
Hungary 13
Iceland 1
Ireland 8
Isle of Man 1
Italy 503
Liechtenstein 5
Luxemburg 27
Malta 1
Moldova 5
Netherlands 11
Norway 23
Poland 1
Portugal 15
Romania 22
Russian Federation 86
Sweden 24
Slovenia 11
Turkey 1
Ukrain 4
United Kingdom 38
Rest of the world 22

Well… There is some work to do in Europe !
I’ll soon give an update on the development of #pdfreaders’ campaign. to be continued