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“There is a geeky way to celebrate Feb 14th” ♥♥♥ #ilovefs ♥♥♥

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” – Einstein ‘Out of My Later Years,’ 1950

The Free in Free Software is about Freedom, not like in Free beer. But today might be the day you can combine both :

For Valentine’s Day, or rather […]

You’re to my life what Free Software is to my computer : everything – #ilovefs

On Monday it’s Valentine’s day. What link to Free Software, will you ask ?

On this day, FSFE invites you to consider another question : Why not make this February 14th a very special day and show that we appreciate the work of […]

#Bookzilla and #Amazon Affiliate fees

The Free Software Foundation Europe relies on donations to be an independent voice. Our donors and Fellows help us to achive that with continous support. Another possibility to support FSFE is through some support programs . Some of you already know these programs, some don’t. I will try here to briefly present how these programs […]

Final results for #pdfreaders’ bug hunt

FSFE’s campaign for the removal of advertising for non free software on public websites is taking a new turn today. After having gathered more than 2000 institutions all across Europe and even outside (we’ve reached Angola, Brasil, the United States, Australia…).You will find underneath more detailed information on what we have gathered.

Now the time […]

1786 bugs so far for pdfreaders’ bug hunt

Here we are. Thirty-three days after the opening of the hunt for advertisement for non-free PDF readers on public websites, volunteers have reported about 1786 institutions in now 41 countries (plus the European Union), and we are daily receiving reports. So far, we have the most reports for :

Italy, with 454 occurences Germany, with […]

Free advertising ?

While I’m writing this post, my mail box contains 1055 bug reports for the PDFreaders campaign. In other words, if we discard the double reports, at least 1000 institutions have been spotted doing exclusive advertising for non-free PDF readers… While launching this campaign, we knew that this practice was quite widespread. The more we see […]

FSFE’s SFD 2010

This year again, Software Freedom Day’s action of FSFE have been very successful. Mostly all around Germany but also in the Hague and Zurich, Fellows have very well taken the opportunity to celebrate this particular day.

As foreseen, the Berlin Group participated to an event organized by LinuxWorks! in the E-LOK. After a convivial […]

PDFreaders report

On the second day of FSFE’s campaign relaunch, the participation to the bug hunt is still being very intense, with German bug reporters being the most active, followed by the Italian ones and the Slovenian ones just after them.

Today afternoon, we are approaching the 430 institutions reported across Europe, which is more than […]

Windows Tax Refund

Last week, I’ve been working on the pages of the fellowship wiki concerning Windows Tax Refund, updating the displays, changing the dead links and trying to get an overview of what we have been gathering concerning this topic.

By the way, what is the Windows Tax ?

The “windows tax” has nothing to do […]

Summer Cleaning of the SVN !

The SVN internal documentation is getting a new life after a very strict fitness programm… […]