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3 days left to sign #pdfreaders’ petition

Three days from the closure of the signatures of the Petition For The Removal of Proprietary Software Advertising On Public Websites, we have reached 1443 signatures, within which :

  • 34 organizations, from LUGs (Bocconi, Scandiano, Greek Users…), Free Software Associations [!app3l !fsfe !Coagul !gnutiken  !lpitalia], Political parties, namely the Green party of England and Wales and of Luxemburg and several Pirate party in Germany (Brandenburg !ppbb and Oberbayern) and from Luxemburg, we also have the support of some associations less close to the Free Software cause but that also feel concerned by our campaign, which shows that the problem really is general.
  • On the business side, we have 44 signatories of diverse origins, and geographic locations, obviously mainly in the field software developping and/or consulting companies like !KDE, #tarent, Kolab Systems or, and much more…

You still have time to sign and support us in our campaign for advertisement-free public website and protect the software market from distortion. Get involved !