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Windows Tax Refund

Last week, I’ve been working on the pages of the fellowship wiki concerning Windows Tax Refund, updating the displays, changing the dead links and trying to get an overview of what we have been gathering concerning this topic.

By the way, what is the Windows Tax ?

The “windows tax” has nothing to do with some tax imposed on the windows of the houses as you would first find while searching on Wikipedia.It has rather to do with the fact that the price of the Windows licences is included in the price of the computer you buy in any shop, even if you don’t intend to use is, e.g. you intend to work with Free Software, or even you intend indeed to work with Windows but your universty already provides you with a licence. In any of these case, paying the price of a licence you don’t use seems pointless.

Help us on the wiki !

On the  wiki, we have been gathering information on how to ask for a refund and information on specific countries. If you want to have a look at it, improve the documentation we have or add more links we are not yet aware of, please add them ! If you are not yet a fellow, you can still contribute, you just have to create a guest account.