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Hundreds of love declarations in about 24 hours : #ilovefs

On February 14, 01:38:27 UTC, came the first message related to FSFE’s “I love FS” campaign. This was only the start of a tremendous love declaration to Free Software developpers and applications that went out until late at night, around 3:00 a.m.

Hundreds of declarations and re-dents have floaded on, twitter, on blogs, […]

PDFreaders: How can you make institutions change their websites

Three months ago, I announced here the end of the PDFreaders’ bug hunt, during which we collected more than 2000 institutions’s websites which advertised for proprietary PDF readers.

Now that we and volunteers helping us have contacted each and all of them, the answers are flooding and about 210 institutions already changed their websites towards […]

#Bookzilla and #Amazon Affiliate fees

The Free Software Foundation Europe relies on donations to be an independent voice. Our donors and Fellows help us to achive that with continous support. Another possibility to support FSFE is through some support programs . Some of you already know these programs, some don’t. I will try here to briefly present how these programs […]

BLIT 2010 : *B*ooth-halten, *L*eute treffen, *I*m Zentrum liegen, *T*otal rocken

Am Samstag war die FSFE auf mehreren Veranstaltungen : auf dem FSCONS in Göteborg, auf dem T-DOSE in Eindhoven und auf dem BLIT, dem Branderburger Linux InfoTag in Potsdam.

Ich war mit dem Team in Potsdam, wo wir dem Regen zum Trotz um 8:30 ankamen. Der Booth, den wir hatten war dem Eingang genau entgegen, […]

3 days left to sign #pdfreaders’ petition

Three days from the closure of the signatures of the Petition For The Removal of Proprietary Software Advertising On Public Websites, we have reached 1443 signatures, within which :

34 organizations, from LUGs (Bocconi, Scandiano, Greek Users…), Free Software Associations [!app3l !fsfe !Coagul !gnutiken !lpitalia], Political parties, namely the Green party of England and Wales […]

27 nouveaux match pour l’Euro 2012 – !Euro2012fs

Aujourd’hui ont eu lieu 27 autres matchs pour l’Euro 2012, pour lesquels Guido a révélé les scores sur son blog.

Mais avant de commenter cette journée de sélection, je veux revenir sur les deux matchs du 9 Octobre : Israel – Croatie et France Roumanie. La France s’est sans trop de surpriseimposée contre la Roumanie. […]

Last week of #PDFreaders’ bug hunt

You still have 6 days left to report some public institutions who make exclusive and non paid advertising for non free PDF readers on their websites. We are currently around the 1800 reports, crossing the threshold of 2000 is the target for the end of the week, help us to reach it ! There are […]

FSFE’s SFD 2010

This year again, Software Freedom Day’s action of FSFE have been very successful. Mostly all around Germany but also in the Hague and Zurich, Fellows have very well taken the opportunity to celebrate this particular day.

As foreseen, the Berlin Group participated to an event organized by LinuxWorks! in the E-LOK. After a convivial […]

Summer Cleaning of the SVN !

The SVN internal documentation is getting a new life after a very strict fitness programm… […]