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Last week of #PDFreaders’ bug hunt

You still have 6 days left to report some public institutions who make exclusive and non paid advertising for non free PDF readers on their websites. We are currently around the 1800 reports, crossing the threshold of 2000 is the target for the end of the week, help us to reach it ! There are plenty of institutions that haven’t been checked yet : look at your townhall’s webste, the local or regional council, check your city’s university, look at the governmental interfaces for health, tax and social services. Check if you can the websites of smaller countries, say Malta if you don’t want to land in pages that are not in a language you understand. And keep in mind that the more institutions you report, the more chance we have to reduce the distortion of the market !

Another, quite useful help, would consist in reporting us the double entries you see on the list

Finding public bodies that advertise proprietary PDF readers is indeed only the first step of the campaign. From next week on, we will be contacting the institutions to explain them why and how they have to change their policies. We will send us also the petition, so if you haven’t signed it yet and wish to do so, you have only 6 days to do it !

We’ll keep you udpated of the progresses of the campaign very soon