Travelling to Buğday?

The KDE bugsquad will organize a bugday for Phonon on November 8th. To make sure not to forget that day, I duly entered it into my Google calendar. But I must say that the mail I got today from Dopplr was quite astonishing: it seems I will travel to Buğday, Turkey on that day!
Now, while I enjoy travelling, I think it’s a bit far away just for a bug triaging event, isn’t it?

Regardless this interesting suggestion, I will stay at home and give a hand in bug triaging, this will probably be more efficient :) Don’t hesitate to join the fun in #kde-bugs on on November 8th!

PS. I seem to travel again on November 21st, this time to Giv’at’Ada, Israel. Since I planned to be in Bern for the Swiss Karmic Koala Release Party, I guess that’s what is meant ;)

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6 Responses to Travelling to Buğday?

  1. ano says:

    Haha, that’s funny!

  2. ivant says:

    Just be careful! Batman is nearby…

    Edit: allow me to shorten that link :)

  3. deniz says:

    i have been living in turkey since i was born ( almost 26 years :) )
    and i never gone to buğday in my life :)

  4. agfitazp says:

    My office has named all the meeting rooms after Canadian national parks. Everytime I forward an appointment for “Banff” to my Blackberry things get a little confusing.

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