Wilhelm Tux in Karlsruhe

As in previous years I joined the FSF Europe fellows and volunteers in Karlsruhe, this time in company of Florian and Didier from Linuxbourg and Mario from Wilhelm Tux/Edux.

A carload of geeks, loads of chocolate and, as a special feature this year, a Raclette cheese and its tools.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and immediately found the Community booth of the FSFE in the Stadthalle where fellows from the newly founded FSF Latin America already hacked their keyboards. It was great to meet Fernanda and Beatriz whom I only knew from their mails and of course a big pleasure to see Federico again. Niibe and his friends from Japan were there too and gave us a warm welcome.

As expected, we had a lot of people asking questions about software patents issues, I don’t know how many times I answered the same questions again and again… but it was a really great job, especially with friends doing the same during this four days (and beyond).

As usual in Karlsruhe, afterwork was great fun:

The first evening we shared some Italian food where Matze, like all of us, expressed his joy to see us all together again.

On Thursday we organised the Raclette at our booth in the exposition area where also other booths held afterwork parties. Mario was very impressive as chef and made people really happy with his skills. More and more people were attracted (maybe by the smell…) and we soon run out of pickles, potatoes and white wine, but a raclette is good on its own! This was a tremendous beginning of the evening and Georg was obviously very happy,

We then moved over to the KALUG party where we shared some drinks and of course ended up singing :-)

The great evening was of course the social event on Friday which this year was hosted at the Nancyhall restaurant. There was plenty of food (there was not really enough last year), plenty to drink (much better than last year!) but also plenty of people with not enough chairs, unless one went out to the Festplatz.,, where the FSFE band gathered together and had a really great evening.

(photos provided by Mario)

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